the band

• violins and composers -     GABE & TONY BIRD

• violin - JASON LEE



• drums- MARTIN BEUX


"Bravo! I'm glad to see young compatriots at a level that I rarely hear! Very good on all points, groove phrasing, musical expression, and original compositions..."



2Birds Band are not only funky and sexy- they are rooted in serious musical study and capable of referring at any moment to their roots in Bach, Debussy, Beethoven et al."


Started in 2014, 2BIRDS BAND is a unique strings-based ensemble with rhythm section that explores the boundaries of violin and cello through different styles of music. Fusing classical tradition and contemporary styles, the band presents a new way of approaching strings with a sound both cultured and groovy. It has been performing and teaching clinics in Boston, New York, Toronto and France. The band released albums First Flight (2015), For Lack Of A Better World (2016) and String Groover (2017).

I never knew this kind of music could be so much fun. I would drag anyone right off the street to see them.
— DAROL ANGER - Co-founder, Turtle Island String Quartet, David Grisman Quintet
2Birds Band is one of those rare groups that simply must be heard and seen to be believed!
— DAVID WALLACE, D.M.A. - Chair, String Department, Berklee
“The Birds categorically flew. Their novel creativity and atonal innovations evoke the groundbreaking of D’Indy or Hindemith as well as more contemporary pop icons”
— DANNY GAISIN, Ontario Arts Review, Online Newspaper